What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage is an age old therapy that has been recently rediscovered. During the treatment the therapist applies heated stones to the body. The heat of the stones varies between 45-50 degrees. The stones can be placed on the body along the energy centres and/or integrated with effleurage and petrissage. The stones are usually basalt stones created by volcanic activity and the surfaces are completely smoothed in river beds. Cold stones may also be applied during the treatment. Every therapist or spa (including myself) offers this treatment in their own individual way. This treatment is enjoyable to receive at any time of the year.


What to expect from your hot stone massage treatment

Hot stone treatments relax muscle tissue, ease tension, exfoliate the skin and induce a state of calm. This treatment detoxes the body much more than other massage treatments. The heat of the stones increases lymph and blood flow helping to make the client deeply relaxed. We have our own style on how we can provide this treatment. It can be a calm “holistic stone massage” or a “sports hot stone massage.” The choice is yours. A thorough consultation is required for this treatment as there are a few conditions that are contraindications such as pregnancy, heart conditions, high blood pressure, any peripheral neuropathy, fever, thrombosis, embolism, haemophilia, heart conditions, or high blood pressure.

What to expect during your hot stone massage appointment

Expect to be thoroughly relaxed throughout this whole treatment! We will have a consultation beforehand to ensure this treatment is right for you. We will then create a treatment plan to suit your needs based on the consultation. You will dress and undress in privacy. During the massage I will use draping with sheets or towels. Please wear what makes you comfortable. I encourage you to communicate throughout the treatment regarding more or less pressure, if the stones are too hot, too cold or if there is anything else you need to feel comfortable. This is your treatment!

Please note I do charge a bit more for this treatment due to the time is takes to prepare and clean up.

If you want a full body massage I would encourage you to book the 90 minute session.


70 minutes………….£65

90 minutes………….£80

120 minutes……….£115

All appointments include a consultation.

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