Enjoy your Massage in Cardiff

What is Holistic massage?

Holistic massage is a treatment tailored to your own needs and no treatment is ever the same. This treatment is suitable if you want a massage for a specific reason or if you just want some “me” time. The aim of the treatment is to treat the client as a “whole”. Whether your needs are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual you will receive a treatment suitable for your needs specifically.

Massage can help improve flexibility and range of motion, prevent headaches, improve muscle tone, aid in recovery in post-operative rehabilitation, lower blood pressure and most important induce general relaxation that will help the production of serotonin and dopamine. After a massage the production of a stress causing hormone cortisol will decrease. If cortisol over time is constantly released in your body will weaken the immune system and you will be more susceptible to illness, depression and anxiety.


What to expect from your HOLISTIC massage appointment

We treat the body as a whole using a variety of techniques such as:
Effleurage, petrissage, simple lymph drainage, trigger point therapy, and fascia release.

We will also add advance techniques when suitable such as:
(MET) muscle energy technique, neuromuscular technique(NMT), positional release, soft tissue release (STR).

We work together to come up with a plan suitable for your needs; whether it be for needing help through injury recovery, times of change, to reduce stress and provide relaxation.


What to expect during your holistic massage appointment

During your first appointment we will carry out an initial consultation. We talk about lifestyle, medical history and possible treatment plans in order to address what you want from the massage. This will usually take about 10-15 minutes. The following sessions shouldn’t take as long this depends on what you needs are for that session. You dress and undress in privacy. During the massage draping will be used (sheets or towels.) Please wear whatever makes you comfortable, whether you choose to undress fully or leave your clothing on. We encourage you not to be afraid to tell your practitioner if you want more or less pressure, supports, or more time on a spot during the massage. This is your massage! We work together 50/50 throughout the session. Once the session is completed appropriate after care advice is provided.


60 minutes………….£55

90 minutes………….£75

120 minutes……….£110

£5 charge for all new clients who book a 60 minute appointment with an extra 10 minutes added on to the treatment time for a consultation.

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