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We invite you to relax with us in the beautiful Victorian Studio located in the heart of Cardiff Bay.

Our aim is to provide a wide range of high quality massage treatments that will help enable you to live fully in your body.
'Dani is truely blessed with the gift of touch.'
'She is not only hugely knowledgeable and technically skilled she is also able to tailor each treatment to your specific needs'
Lynsey Maher


Hot stone massage is an age old therapy that has been recently rediscovered. During the treatment the therapist applies heated stones to the body. The heat of the stones varies between 45-50 degrees.


Indian Head Massage is based on the ancient system of medicine known as Ayurveda. This has been in practice in India for thousands of years. 


This treatment is catered towards women who are currently pregnant or have recently had a baby.


Sports and remedial massage is a specialised, dynamic, customised massage that targets problem areas in soft tissues. (muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons).

couples massage

We invite you to book a massage treatment of your choice to enjoy with a friend or a loved one at Yurt in the City.

holistic massage

The aim of the treatment is to treat the client as a “whole”. Whether your needs are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual you will receive a treatment suitable for your needs specifically.  

Deep tissue massage / myofascial cupping

This treatment will focus on the general area and the therapist will use long deep strokes to target inner layers of muscles and connective tissue.

"Providing Healing and Vitality Through Bodywork"

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Awarded Best Massage Therapists in Cardiff 2020
Best Massage Therapist in Cardiff