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Gong Master Practitioner

Lauran Brannigan

I’m Lauran, a qualified Gong Master Practitioner. As a lifelong meditator, having learnt the TM technique from a young age, I have always believed the way to improve the world and our experience of it is to tap into the profound source of peace that is within.

Having trained with gong master practitioner, Sarah Gregg, I began my work as a sound healer, with the vision of helping people create that inner peaceful and blissful state. This helps us to go back out into the world and face life’s ups and downs without being so affected by them. This in turn helps the collective, with the driving belief that the more of us who take responsibility for our own inner peace, the more we will see peace reflected in our society.

On a 1:1 basis I work with my clients to establish their own personal intentions for the session. Whether it be a physical, mental or emotional need, the frequencies of the instruments I use, along with intention, have the power to address the needs of the body synergistically.

In my work as a sound healer, I cherish every opportunity to create a safe and sacred space for people to connect on a deeper level and experience the expansiveness that is within us all. It is simply a question of finding the right technique that works for us as individuals. This can be achieved effortlessly while the client relaxes into a guided meditation and experiences the healing frequencies of the gongs and other instruments such as crystal bowls, chimes and tuning forks.

I have been practising sound healing privately, at festivals, corporate events and within the community and have recently developed my treatments, to encourage deeper healing experiences, through training in shamanic energy healing. I am currently studying the effects of sound healing on teenage children who are suffering with trauma, severe mental and/or physical ailments with proven improvements in their mental and physical state. Sound healing has been proven to be particularly beneficial to a student suffering with the painful physical symptoms of Sickle Cell Disease and clients suffering with Fibromyalgia.

I also host monthly group gong baths at the Victorian Studio, and have started special sleepover experiences here, alongside Danielle who starts the morning off beautifully with a yoga class. Our upcoming monthly event to look out for will be Self-Love Sundays!


Level 4 Diploma Holistic Massage (Massage Training Institute 2017)
Certificate in Indian Head Massage
Reki Practitioner
Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Lauran works at the studio Tuesdays and Saturdays.


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