Sports massage and sports remedial massage is a specialised, dynamic, customised massage that targets problem areas in soft tissues. (muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons). This treatment will aim to improve the clients tissue, neurological and psychological functions overall or within the specific mechanisms that are presented.

Sports massage can have a reputation of being painful and clinical. Depending on your needs we do try to apply this treatment in a holistic way. We focus on the physical mechanism that needs work, yet we try to address the contributing factors that may cause the issue and address it with suggestions on how you can improve posture or exercises that can help improve strength and proprioception. This treatment is also beneficial if you have recently had an injury and are looking to improve strength and tissue quality. By having sports and remedial massage in the regeneration stage of repair after an injury (depending on what the injury it is of course) will help assist in functional scar tissue formation and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to create a shift in a more relaxed state where healing can occur. We combined traditional massage strokes such as effleurage, petrissage, simple lymph drainage, trigger point therapy, and fascia release. We will also add advance techniques when suitable such as: (MET) muscle energy technique, neuromuscular technique(NMT), positional release, soft tissue release (STR). Sports and remedial massage can be  “deep tissue” but gentle techniques can also be very effective. Don’t have this type of massage put you off if you fear it may be painful. This style of massage can still be very effective if it is gentle. We tailor the treatment to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for something gentle and restorative to deep and vigorous.
During our initial appointment, we will do a consultation that will take between 10-20 minutes. The time it takes will depend on what is presented by the client. During the consultation, we will do a full postural assessment. This will require you to remove your clothing to either bra or shorts so the practitioner can asses your posture and observe what muscles may be shorter or longer. During this process, the practitioner may palpate muscles or do special tests to measure the range of motion or check if certain movements create pain or if there is a restriction. After all the general information is discussed a treatment plan will be agreed. We will discuss the immediate goals for the treatment and long-term goals. Towels and sheets will be provided for draping. The therapist will leave the room while the client is able to get comfortable on the table. During the treatment do not hesitate to tell the therapist if you would like a change to the treatment plan, lighter or deeper pressure. After the massage appropriate aftercare advice will be given.


60 minutes………….£55

90 minutes………….£75

120 minutes……….£110

£5 charge for all new clients who book a 60 minute appointment with an extra 10 minutes added on to the treatment time for a consultation.

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