Our relaxing massage studio at Portland House, Cardiff Bay

COVID Procedures – Actions for Clients at Portland House

I can assure you I am following all health and safety guidelines that the government and my professional body suggest I have in place to work safely. ALL surfaces my clients touch will be cleaned with antibacterial liquids, this includes door handles, the credit card machine, and any surface in my room you touch. If you come for an appointment, please bring a bottle of water to drink after the session. I will have an online form for you to fill in BEFORE you attend (COVID screening.) If you have been to see me before, it is possible I may have you fill in another initial consultation online. You will receive more information about this when booking. If you are a new client depending on what is presented I may have to phone you the night before your appointment to go over the consultation form.

When you receive my reminder for your appointment PLEASE rearrange your appointment if you have had any of these symptoms. I will not charge you a penalty fee, but if you can try to do this within a reasonable time frame, I would be extremely grateful.
  • A fever of 38 C or above in the last 24 hours.
  •  Have you now or recently had a shortness of breath or dry cough? ( in the last 48 hours?).
  • Have you been in contact with anyone in the last 14 days that has COVID-19.
  • Any housemate or family member with shortness of breath and or fever in the last 24 hours?
  • Has travelled outside of the UK to a highly infected area within the last 14 days.

When you arrive please take your shoes off before coming into the studio and try not to arrive early. I do not have a waiting room so if you have a companion it may be best if they go grab a coffee or tea while you have your appointment. I will be wearing a visor when you arrive.

As of 14-9-2020 the Welsh government requires that masks are mandatory in all enclosed spaces. Unfortunately, I have ask all clients to wear a mask. I have masks available at both Yurt in the City and at my Cardiff Bay studio if you do not have one. PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you have a health condition that prevents you from wearing a mask. I will make arrangements for you if this is the case (I don’t judge) I will be wearing full PPE during the session, mask, visor, apron and possibly gloves.

I will have 30- 60 minute gap between clients to do a thorough clean of the space.

I will be following advice from the NHS and Government websites.

COVID Procedures – Actions for clients Yurt in the City

Most of the same will apply as above. You will get a COVID-19 screening form before the appointment that I will need completed from you BEFORE you attend in person. 

I ask that you please cancel your appointment if you have any of the symptoms listed above.

 Contact me as soon as you can to defer your appointment, and do not come to the Yurt if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 which can be checked here.

I would very much appreciate if you can arrive promptly, not early or late, to minimise contact with other clients. You will be required to wait outside the building if early. If you wish to bring someone to accompany you please ensure you let the therapist know in advance, but please arrive on your own where possible.

Please remove shoes as soon as you enter the studio.

When you arrive please follow myself or your therapist into the studio without touching anything and sanitise your hands inside the premises, before entering the yurt.

Please note we have minimised soft furnishings within the yurt to ensure no contamination, and will provide a wooden seat, upon which you can leave your clothes and any personal belongings when removed. Please try to avoid bringing any extra personal belongings with you when possible.

Please bring your own water and pen, as we will not be able to supply these.

We take either cash payment or Paypal payment at the yurt. Pay what every you are comfortable with. Cash is preferred at the Yurt if possible.

As of 14-9-2020 the Welsh government have made masks mandatory in enclosed areas, so unfortunately I have to ask that your wear one to your appointment. If you have a health condition that prevents you from wearing a mask to your appointment PLEASE do not hesitate to speak to me about it. We can make different arrangements if this is the case. I have a supply of disposable 3 layer non-medical face masks if clients do not have their own.


The Yurt in the City and myself have implemented increased hygiene measures including single use disposable face cradle covers on the massage bed, , fresh towels for each treatment, and cleaning all internal furnishings with non-toxic Isopropyl Alcohol between clients and allowing additional time for surfaces to dry. I will wash my hands before and after each treatment, gloves may be worn by myself as a precaution, depending on what is presented in the consultation.

Additional vents and a 5-foot window have been fit in the space to increase ventilation into the yurt and studio, and I have also lifted the sides of the yurt to increase ventilation throughout the space. I will clean the payment machine after each client where contactless payment is not used. I will be wearing PPE according to Welsh Government guidelines at the times. All washable materials will be washed at 60 degrees daily.

Due to changing government guidelines, I may update these measures and will update you before your treatment.

Safety is a very important element of my business and I plan to be very transparent if I am experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. I hope this does not last forever. But until then better safe than sorry! I really missed everyone!