My first experience with massage occurred long ago in 2004 when I was hit by a car while I was riding my bicycle. I was thrown into the air and landed on my side. I hit my head pretty hard and suffered whiplash from the impact of the fall. I am thankful I was not injured as badly as I could have been. I saw a chiropractor about 3 days a week and received massage about twice a month for around 8 months. The trauma from this accident initially disrupted my life. However, massage helped ease the pain and stress caused by this event and I feel I avoided further neck and back problems because of the therapeutic benefits of massage. I began to pursue my dream of becoming a massage therapist in 2009 in the United States attending East West College of Healing Arts in Portland Oregon. I studied Swedish massage and kinesiology. I believe an understanding of the science of kinesiology is key to becoming a successful massage practitioner. In 2011 I moved to the United Kingdom, settling in Cardiff. I have since studied at Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork, graduating with a Diploma in Holistic Massage from the Massage Training Institute, which combined the study massage techniques, anatomy, pathology, and physiology. I am now the MTI regional representative for the Wales region. The discipline of Massage Therapy and my studies in it have changed my life and allowed me to reflect on my work, leaving me with the tools to help others.

Book a Massage at the Blue Lagoon Festival!!!

Hello Lagooners! If you fancy booking a treatment with Dakota Therapies at the festival you can prepay to secure your booking here. I am offering 30 and 60 minute treatments. I will be working in

Christmas Fair at the Yurt PLUS Gift Vouchers!

  My gift to you this Christmas 2016… Every year  I do an offer so people may purchase a massage as a gift for their friends or loved ones at an affordable price.  If you purchase a

November Offer 2016

Book a 90 minute therapeutic/remedial massage in November and get it for only 45 pounds.  (60 pounds regular price.) Offer is only valid for booking on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and cannot be used

POWER and and yin yoga weekend Oct 14th -16th

Hello Everyone!   I will be working with Wildwood Therapies and Restoration Therapies at the Power and Yin Yoga Weekend at the Stackpole estate in West Wales. Between the 3 of us we will be


I have been having a lovely summer so far. I have had the privilege of taking my business to  a few different festivals this season. I worked at the  Blue Lagoon Festival the first part of June,

A Massage Gift For You….

Hello I hope everyone has had a great year! I have  gift vouchers available for Christmas! I am selling a 60 minute treatment (regular price £38) for only £30 when you buy it as a gift for a

Cardiff Half Marathon 2014

I just wanted to say I HAD A BLAST last weekend volunteering for Breast Cancer Care at the Cardiff Half Marathon. A few of my fellow therapists and I set up our massage tables in the city hall,

How Massage Heals Sore Muscles

  I just wanted to share this article on how massage is PROVEN to be beneficial. Massage is for everyone. Enjoy the read. “How Massage Heals Sore Muscles” By Nicholas Bakalar A massage after

Great Stuff!

Hello. Welcome to my blog. With my first blog I would like to write about where I work  and organisations I belong to. I feel this would help you get to know myself and what kind of therapist I